Introducing NECN Boston Studio

Photo Credit: NBCU BMC / Mark Garfinkel 

Introducing NECN Boston Studio – a state of the art television studio that uses a range of Cineo Lighting products including the LB800, Standard 410, and LightBlade Edge.

“The biggest change is the NECN set,” said St. Peter. “We’re looking at a new audience, so how could we make something that might appeal to that audience.”

Mystic Scenic Studios, Blackwalnut and Global Scenic Services provided fabrication for the spaces.

The lighting design for the three news studios was handled by JM Montecalvo of Spectrum401 with Cineo fixtures. The Lighting Design Group provided lighting for the sports studio.

Along with the studios, even the buildings breakroom is camera-ready, with most of the building equipment for content creation.

The implementation that JM was able to do with these products provides the studio greater production lighting capabilities that allows for multiple news set looks, complementing the new story being presented.

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