Announcing C2OS Software Release for ReFlex R15 and LB800

Release Date: 19 July 2021

Subject: Software Update

Products: ReFlex R15

Version: v2.0.14.0708

Upgrade eligibility:

    • Any previous C2OS version

Upgrade procedures notes:

This release updates both software and firmware so it takes a bit longer to complete. If you get a failure message on the firmware update, simply let the upgrade continue and re-install. It will succeed the second attempt.

New Features:

  • Art-Net / sACN is now supported via wired ethernet. Please see the Network Addendum for complete description of setup and features.
  • Enhancements and improvements to the Effects Player. See updated User Guides for each product.
  • Odometer feature. This feature is detailed in the updated User Guides.


  • Internal firmware update to fix a bug that caused the fixture to flash when operated in high heat conditions.



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