Announcing Firmware 2.03 for Standard 410

Cineo Lighting is pleased to announce the latest release of the Standard 410 firmware – Version 2.03.  This release provides several enhancements, including the following:

0-360º Hue Selection

Local selection of HUE has been re-scaled to match other Cineo and NBCUniversal LightBlade products. The control range has been changed from 0-255 to 0-360.

Refined Color Blending

Additional refinements have been made to color blending to deliver a more consistent output color throughout the entire dimming range.

New DMX Personalities

In addition to the current DMX personalities, 2.03 includes two additional operating modes: Bi-Color (2 Channel) and Single Color (1 Channel). These have been added to accommodate installations where use of saturated color is not required. Selecting these personalities limits control to either DIM-only (Single Color) or DIM and CCT (Bi-Color) and eliminates the unused DMX slots.

Get these enhancements and features now by downloading firmware version 2.03.  Click the link below, firmware download is on the left side.

Standard 410 Product Overview

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