Studio Kit

Model: 500.0015
MavX Studio Kit. Includes MavX fixture, yoke, TVMP, 150W power supply with mounting hardware, locking IEC to Edison AC power cord.


Model: 900.0196
MavX 150w Power Supply w/ XLR adapter

Model: 900.0094
Maverick A/B Gold Mount Battery Adapter

Model: 900.0086
Maverick V-Lock Battery Adapter

Light Control

Model: 900.0090
Cineo Maverick Gel Frame 

Model: 900.0089
Cineo Maverick 4-leaf Barn Door set 

Model: 900.0088
Cineo Maverick 90º Louver 


Model: 100.0085
Lightweight Case – Will accommodate lamphead w/ TVMP and power source attached, AC Power Cord, Barn Door, Louver, Panels and has a small storage slot. Dims: 19-1/2” x 17-1/2” x 14”