Service Discontinuation Notice

This is to inform you that Cineo Lighting has announced it is no longer able to provide support or repair for 1st generation HS or LS Remote Phosphor fixtures. This includes all HS fixtures that use (3) LED boards inside the lamphead, power supplies, and all LS fixtures. Please reference part numbers below.

These products were initially introduced in 2012 and manufactured through 2015. Parts availability has become increasingly difficult to maintain.

Cineo will offer special upgrade pricing for current HS2Wave fixtures for existing customers for a limited time.

Please contact us at for details.

We appreciate your understanding.



900.0011 – Original Cineo HS Lamphead

900.0045 – Cineo LS Lamphead



900.0022 – HS MK2 Power Supply

900.0043 -DTZ450 Power Supply

900.0044 – DX450 Power Supply

900.XXXX – LS Power Supply (no part # for this product)

Announcing C2OS Software Release for ReFlex R15 and LB800

Release Date: 19 July 2021

Subject: Software Update

Products: ReFlex R15

Version: v2.0.14.0708

Upgrade eligibility:

    • Any previous C2OS version

Upgrade procedures notes:

This release updates both software and firmware so it takes a bit longer to complete. If you get a failure message on the firmware update, simply let the upgrade continue and re-install. It will succeed the second attempt.

New Features:

  • Art-Net / sACN is now supported via wired ethernet. Please see the Network Addendum for complete description of setup and features.
  • Enhancements and improvements to the Effects Player. See updated User Guides for each product.
  • Odometer feature. This feature is detailed in the updated User Guides.


  • Internal firmware update to fix a bug that caused the fixture to flash when operated in high heat conditions.



Reflex r15 Q&A with Definition Magazine

Cineo’s new Reflex R15 LED light has adopted cooling techniques developed in the computer world. We asked Rich Pierceall, VP, LED Operations, to explain further

Words Julian Mitchell / Pictures Cineo

Can you explain the technology behind creating such a powerful hard light; initially the light source with
the nine LED ring segments around the central emitter, and then how you have dealt with
the power density leading to high heat density?

Thermal density has always been a major physical limitation of any solid-state lighting technology. Although LEDs are 10 times more power efficient than conventional lighting technologies, 80% of the energy consumed is converted into heat. 

When building a single-source directional fixture we realised that conventional methods would not allow the scaling that we were looking for. Liquid cooling has been employed for computer servers for some time; we adapted this strategy with LEDs by formulating an optically transparent dielectric fluid that we could immerse the LEDs directly into. This patented method gives us vast scaling capabilities for both smaller and larger fixtures in the future.

What were the choices for cooling the core before you enabled a liquid solution? How easy was is to graft GPU cooling on to LEDs?

We built several thermal and physical models of our radial light engine using conventional materials – solid copper, liquid-cooled copper and finally liquid-cooled only. It’s a bit hard to imagine, but the final Reflex core has no heat sink whatsoever, which drastically reduces its weight.

Read the Full Article Here:  Water Born – Reflex R15 by Julian Mitchell

Introducing NECN Boston Studio

Photo Credit: NBCU BMC / Mark Garfinkel 

Introducing NECN Boston Studio – a state of the art television studio that uses a range of Cineo Lighting products including the LB800, Standard 410, and LightBlade Edge.

“The biggest change is the NECN set,” said St. Peter. “We’re looking at a new audience, so how could we make something that might appeal to that audience.”

Mystic Scenic Studios, Blackwalnut and Global Scenic Services provided fabrication for the spaces.

The lighting design for the three news studios was handled by JM Montecalvo of Spectrum401 with Cineo fixtures. The Lighting Design Group provided lighting for the sports studio.

Along with the studios, even the buildings breakroom is camera-ready, with most of the building equipment for content creation.

The implementation that JM was able to do with these products provides the studio greater production lighting capabilities that allows for multiple news set looks, complementing the new story being presented.

Read full article:  NBCUniversal promotes collaboration through tech in new Boston facility by Dak Dillon


Hollywood Studios Target Sustainability as Big Production Goal

“Technological advancements are, of course, a major driver for studios looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Screen Gems’ “Think Like a Man” was the first major studio film shot entirely using LED lighting. But LED has really taken off in the past few years, quickly becoming a standard, reducing the amount of power needed and keeping sets cooler.

“Our sets get more efficient as we keep getting more LED lighting and our power needs [decrease], and then we’re able to power for that by things like solar on the stages,” Bart says.

NBC/Universal recently acquired Cineo Lighting and continuously invests in LED. This year, Cineo will release a hard light product called Reflex, which will be much more energy-efficient compared to lights currently used to create the same effect.”

Read the full article here:


Cineo Lighting/Universal Production Services – at BSC 2020 – Stand 350

NBCUniversal’s decades of production and broadcast experience combined with Cineo Lighting’s proprietary technologies continues to provide innovative tools for motion picture, television production and broadcast. Recently acquired by NBCUniversal, Cineo Lighting will provide the best-in-class digital lighting solutions for the industry.

Cineo will launch the latest game-changing product at BSC2020: ReFlex15. ReFlex sets a new standard for high-output hard lighting sources that can also be configured as high-output soft lighting.

ReFlex includes many new groundbreaking technologies to deliver 125,000 lumens of focused light with less than a 1,500-watt AC power draw. By providing constantly variable CCT, it can replace a 10K tungsten, a 6K HMI and everything in-between. Beam angle adjustment from 15 to 50 degrees is accomplished without mechanical movement, making it remotely adjustable; and the new beam shape control opens a whole new realm of possibilities. By simply pulling a lever, the reflector can be replaced with a variety of soft accessories, including Snapbags®, lanterns and spacelight bags.

Cineo has completely re-designed its control strategy, making it as easy to use as a smart phone. A full complement of remote control protocols are supported including DMX/RDM and CRMX wireless, with sACN, ArtNet and Bluetooth soon available. All this in a completely integrated, waterproof package weighing 60 lbs.

Cineo is also showing their award-winning line of premium soft lights, including the linear Lightblade Edge, Standard 480 and LB800 fixtures, all featuring our next-generation controls.

Cineo Lighting products are also available for rent through the Universal Production Services regional location at Elstree Studios in London as well as throughout the US with locations in New York, London, Chicago, Atlanta and Albuquerque and in Los Angeles at the historic Universal Studios Set Lighting department.

Cineo Lighting Acquired by NBCUniversal

A little over six years ago, Cineo Lighting was started by a small team of lighting professionals, focused on changing the way LED technology could be effectively applied to production lighting. Thanks to you, we were among the first to successfully harness new technologies that changed the way productions are illuminated.

We are pleased to share that Cineo started a new chapter in its history this past week. We were acquired by our long-time strategic partner, NBCUniversal.

The Cineo brand, its products and staff all remain intact, and in fact we are now able to accelerate our efforts to provide even more tools and techniques to help production professional tell their stories.

You can expect the same great products and service from Cineo moving forward, enhanced with the support of NBCUniversal to better serve our valued customers in motion picture, television and broadcast production.

Thank you for your continued support!

Rich Pierceall

VP, LED Operations

Announcing Firmware 2.03 for Standard 410

Cineo Lighting is pleased to announce the latest release of the Standard 410 firmware – Version 2.03.  This release provides several enhancements, including the following:

0-360º Hue Selection

Local selection of HUE has been re-scaled to match other Cineo and NBCUniversal LightBlade products. The control range has been changed from 0-255 to 0-360.

Refined Color Blending

Additional refinements have been made to color blending to deliver a more consistent output color throughout the entire dimming range.

New DMX Personalities

In addition to the current DMX personalities, 2.03 includes two additional operating modes: Bi-Color (2 Channel) and Single Color (1 Channel). These have been added to accommodate installations where use of saturated color is not required. Selecting these personalities limits control to either DIM-only (Single Color) or DIM and CCT (Bi-Color) and eliminates the unused DMX slots.

Get these enhancements and features now by downloading firmware version 2.03.  Click the link below, firmware download is on the left side.

Standard 410 Product Overview

For questions or support, please contact us.

Announcing Firmware Release 1.10 for LightBlade LB800

Announcing the release of the latest firmware version 1.10 for the LightBlade LB800.  This latest release brings the most stable usability.  Major imporvements include:

  1.  Power up is reduced to 21-22 seconds.
  2.  Improvements to encoder
  3.  Improvements to DMX max initialization

To update your LB800, follow the instructions on here:  1.04+ Bootload Instructions LB800

Please ensure you have at least version 1.04 loaded on the LB800 before attempting the latest update.  You can download the firmware by visiting the LB800 product page.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

(310) 425-3425 ext. 122

NBCUniversal LightBlade Edge Wins Future’s Best of Show Award, Presented by TV Technology

LAS VEGAS —  NBCUniversal LightBlade Edge, manufactured by Cineo Lighting, Inc., is a recipient of the Future Best of Show Award, presented at the 2019 NAB Show by TV Technology.

Future’s Best of Show Awards are evaluated by a panel of engineers and industry experts, and are selected based on innovation, feature set, cost efficiency and performance in serving the industry.

Winners receive an award for display and will be featured in TV Technology, the digital television authority, serving the broadcast, cable, production, post production, business and new media markets.

All nominated products are featured in the special Best of Show Awards Program Guide, to be distributed in digital edition form to more than 100,000 readers of TV Technology, Digital Video, Video Edge, Government Video, Radio World, Pro Sound News and Sound & Video Contractor after the convention.

About NBC Universal LightBlade Edge Series:

Individual Blades are the key component to the modular LightBlade Edge fixtures.  At 24″ (610mm) or 48″ (1.2m) wide by 2 1/2″ (64mm) deep, the individual LightBlades bring you both versatility and a low profile footprint that can efficiently and discreetly light even the darkest and tightest corners of your set.

Each individual LightBlade can operate as a stand-alone fixture, with internal AC power supply, control electronics with DMX and Local control.  Combining superior white light with innovative full-gamut saturated color technology, a single LightBlade delivers up to 5,000 lumens at an 80-watt power draw.  Both 24″ and 48″ LightBlades are the most powerful linear lighting engines on the market.  LightBlades can be integrated into a mounting system to create the Edge 160 (2-Blade) and Edge 320 (4-Blade) fixtures, delivering 10,000 or 20,000 lumens.

“The Future Best of Show Awards at NAB are in their sixth year,” said Paul McLane, Future managing director, content for media technology titles. “The program focuses attention on superb innovations in technology as seen around the million-square-foot exhibit floor of the industry’s top trade show. The list of 2019 winners and nominees shows where media technology businesses are headed.”