Cineo Lighting CEO Rich Pierceall on the Qc80 Combo LED

The Combined White and Saturated Color LED Features a Unique GUI and No-Shift Light Without Gels

High-output, compact LED set lights from Cineo Lighting are known for their balanced, color-correct and natural-looking white and colored spectrum, as well as the way they dial in seamlessly on green-screen shoots. Cineo’s Quantum 120, one of the brightest soft lights on the rental and retail market at 75,000 lumens, features color temp presets from 2700K–6000K and has been used on creator and star Will Forte’s heavily green-screened post-apocalyptic comedy Last Man on Earthsince 2015.

In late May, NBCUniversal and Cineo reached a deal to develop new LightBlade by Cineo technology and LED production fixtures for NBCUniversal’s broadcast, episodic and feature film productions. Cineo uses a proprietary technique to bring phosphor-converted white and color light to LEDs, rendering a range of believable lighting conditions, from deeply saturated to soft daylight. READ MORE HERE…

NAB Interview Cineo’s Trish Maas

An interview from the 2017 National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas with Trisha Maas of Cineo Lighting. Cineo Lighting was founded to produce the highest quality lighting systems available for the motion picture, television and photography industries. Utilizing the latest developments in the field of phosphorescence and exploiting the unique properties of single wavelength photon sources, the principal partners at Cineo have developed an array of lighting devices that have captured the interest of professional image makers worldwide. Beginning with the TruColor™ lighting line in 2012, the company continues to focus on innovations that push the boundaries of illumination technology. In this interview Trisha talks with us about a few different lighting solutions like the Cineo HSX & Mav X, as well as the ProductionHUB Award of Excellence winning Quantum Qc80. 

The versatile Qc80 provides predictable, repeatable results for end users that are unachievable with any other lighting instrument. The same color shading can be realized through the camera regardless of the CCT used for photography. For example, +2 Green added to 3000K CCT will look the same as +2 Green at 4500K to the correctly white-balanced camera. In addition to Cineo’s proprietary phosphor-converted white light LEDs, the Qc80 is the first unit designed with phosphor-converted saturated color LEDs, thus extending Cineo’s deep-red color rendering technology. Cineo’s Photo Accurate Dimming, which maps both local and DMX control to camera f-stops, is also fully supported. 

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Lighting expert, Shane Hurlbut is excited over the advancement of Cineo’s Remote Phosphor Technology, noting “One of my favorite types of light is remote phosphor. It’s incredibly powerful. Since this technology has been introduced to our industry, these lights have been taking over. It’s because of their ability to produce beautiful skin tones, their unbelievable brightness, and just how easy they make it to switch between 3200, 4300, 5600, chroma green and blue.”

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