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CineGear Expo 2017

At the 21st annual Cine Gear Expo, vendors from across the globe joined Cineo Lighting to show off the best in the technology, entertainment, and media industry. The 4-day event is the premier tradeshow of its kind, attracting 16,000 professionals from over 60 countries to the historic Paramount Pictures lot in Hollywood, California.  

For the fifth year in a row, Cineo Lighting is proud to have been a part of this industry exhibition. The event is always a favorite, providing a unique opportunity for professionals to come together and exchange ideas in an environment that is nothing short of a party.

This year’s event was particularly important for Cineo Lighting. In addition to showing off their new Quantum c80, Cineo announced a product partnership with NBCUniversal to create the LightBlade, a brand new LED production lighting system.

The debut of this fresh collaborative product was a highlight of the Cine Gear Expo. The NBCUniversal booth was a major attraction, drawing thousands of interested spectators to witness the lighting capabilities of the LightBlade.

Using Cineo Lighting’s proprietary LED technology, the LightBlade is able to produce and replicate outstanding saturated color and reference-quality variable white light from 2700K to 6500K. 

At the Cine Gear Expo, The NBCUniversal booth featured three different LightBlade configurations: The LightBlade stand-alone linear source, the LB1K, an integrated 4′ x 4′ soft source, and the LightBlade Ladder Light, a fixture that maintains continuity with NBCUniversal’s traditional backdrop lighting system. 

In addition to the LightBlade, the Cineo Qc80 was a star by its own accord. The large, yet lightweight 2′ x 4′ surface attracted a large number of admirers to the Cineo booth with its 50,000 lumens of full-gamut light.  

The Qc80 provides the unique ability  to independently control the dimming curve, white light, colored light, and saturation with the convenience of a four-dial system. The popularity of this fixture is undeniable, as there was nearly always an industry pro tinkering with the knobs throughout the entire 2-day expo. 

Not to be outdone by their much larger LED counterpart, the MavX and HSX held their own next to the Qc80. The smaller, more mobile size, combined with the ability to fine tune AND consistently replicate the output make these flagship products invaluable resources on the set or out in the field.  

Building upon Cineo’s years of experience in Remote Phosphor Technology, the Maverick and the HS2 Wave attracted their own fair share of admirers at the Cine Gear Expo. These fixtures deliver the unrivaled brightness, extremely accurate color-quality, and the control that hundreds of cinematographers, gaffers, and lighting designers rely on daily. The constant flow of industry professionals who mentioned using these units on various projects was a testament to the popularity and convenience of these fixtures.

From the small Matchstix to the substantial 4′ x 4′ Quantum 120, Cineo Lighting is always able to hold its own among the major players in the studio lighting industry. This 4-day event is a chance for Cineo Lighting to show that a small company can have a large impact on the direction of the industry as a whole. 

There is no question why the Cine Gear Expo is considered the go-to event of the year for professionals engaged in the technology, entertainment and media industry. The latest cinematic advancements combined with the undeniable party atmosphere makes this annual trade show a can’t-miss affair. 

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