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Dartmouth College’s Top Choice for its Media Production Group is Cineo Lighting

HANOVER, NH, NOVEMBER 21, 2017 – When the Media Production Group at Dartmouth College built a studio to produce educational content for students, it had the opportunity to custom design the space – from the lighting to a control room. Cineo Lighting, a leader in the production of lighting systems for the motion picture, television and photography industries, quickly made the grade to become the college’s lighting choice on set.

In 2015, the Media Production Group was approved to build a studio that would support the in-house video production department at Dartmouth College, providing custom video support to help departments create promotional, documentary or instructional video programs. Going into the process of choosing the right equipment for the new studio, Senior Producer Jay Beaudoin knew that the size and layout of the studio would impact the design. Located on the second floor, the space measures 35×26 with an 11′ grid height, with two walls of windows that view the north side of the campus. Beaudoin knew early on that they would want to use the windows as a set background, requiring a daylight balanced lighting package. READ MORE HERE…

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