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Florida State University’s College of Motion Picture Arts has recently unveiled their new green screen stage lit exclusively with Cineo HS. The 21′ x 21′ x 10′ foot high cyclorama is lit entirely by three HS systems. “The driving force behind the whole dedicated green screen [is that] we recently started new undergraduate programs in animation and digital arts,” explained Chuck Allen, Head of Post Production for the College. “We were turned on to HS by Cinematography Professor Keith Slade, who used them on the feature film War Room he worked on last summer.”

The building went through major renovations to prepare to house the new Digital Arts and Animation curriculum. “Because there is a great need for green screen work we decided it would be in our best interest to plan for and make dedicated space available,” explained Allen. “The space is made available to all students—but is primarily used in the Digital Arts program and cinematography classes.”

“Thus far we are extremely pleased with the Cineo system,” said Ronald Honn, Assistant Professor at the College of Motion Picture Arts. “Even in a relatively tight insert stage space, we are able to light and shoot green screen elements that key magnificently. The combination of the adjustable Cineo lighting and the green screen stage construction and the fact that it works so well using a relatively inexpensive chroma key paint opens up many options to us—including building tracking markers and reference objects which can be painted with a green hue mixed one stop above the backdrop green—giving us tracking markers that track extremely well and can be keyed out easily.”

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