Jimmy Kimmel Moves to LED Lighting With Cineo

April 17, 2014
The newly re-lit “Jimmy Kimmel Live” studio

LOS ANGELES—I’m the lighting designer for ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show and a couple of years ago I was asked by the show’s producers about transitioning the production to LED lighting. I told them that at that time the technology was getting a lot better, but was not quite to the point where I was ready to deploy it.We revisited the subject of LED last December and I felt that based on what I had seen at the Live Design International show last fall—after short-listing some manufacturers— we could proceed with an LED makeover.


The show originates from the historic El Capitan Theater, a Hollywood landmark, and this presented some real challenges in terms of air conditioning, as we are limited in the scope of infrastructure changes that can be done at such a protected facility. I wanted to use this opportunity not just to take advantage of the power and HVAC savings that LED illumination would bring, but also to do a relight for the show as we shoot it today, as opposed to the show 10 years ago when we first did the lighting.. The show has changed over the years and we shoot it very differently now—it’s not just a desk, a chair, and a couch situation at “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” We use every inch of the studio and I need to be ready for whatever Jimmy and his writers come up with.

As mentioned, the show has been on the air for a decade and I was looking for technology that would last for at least another 10 years. READ MORE…

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