LB800 Software

Current Available Software

Release Date: 20 September 2021

Subject: Software Release

Products: LB800

C2OS Version:
C2Prodigy Version: 2.3.5
C2Router Version: 1.12.2

Upgrade eligibility:

    • Any previous versions


  • Added Time Zone selection in Tools page. The time zone can be set by the user to automatically track local time even when time changes from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time and vice versa. Connecting to wired internet will update the local time based on the set time zone by using NTP (Network Time Protocol).
  • Added CPU thermal monitoring, logging, and auto-dimming. Auto-dimming will occur when the CPU reaches 85° C and will turn off the lights on the fixture with a Thermal Error message when the CPU reaches 105° C. The highest CPU temperature is tracked in the Odometer.
  • Fixed DIM combining when using Zone DIMs and Master DIM for multi-zone personalities. Both DIMs are now multiplied together and applied to each color/white channel prior to the final linearization lookup for the output of each channel.
  • Fixed CRMX unlink. The UNLINK button for CRMX on the Tools page will now unlink via a software generated command and a 3 to 4 second hardware generated signal. This ensures that the user can unlink from any linked CRMX transmitter.
  • Fixed R15 Beam K touchscreen keyboard value input for its paired slider. Previously, the entered values from the keyboard were not affecting the paired slider’s handle location.

Legacy LB800 Firmware (NOT C2OS Compatible)


Upgrade eligibility:  All units with first generation local control interface

Upgrade status:  Recommended

Release Notes:

This is the most stable version of LB800 (Generation 1) firmware.  Instructions included in the download .zip file.  This software release is not for LB800 with the C2OS touchscreen console