LB800 Software

Current Available Software

Version: 1.2.34

Note: Only for LB800 with a C2OS Console

Upgrade eligibility: All LB800’s with a C2OS Console  

Release Notes:


  1. Cineo C2 Control Platform – This new platform utilizes a quad-core processor, 1GB memory, 32GB storage and operates on industry-standard Linux OS.
  2. Touchscreen Control – Our new user interface means no moving parts, greater reliability and a simpler method to control the fixture.
  3. Adaptive Color Space – In addition to supporting Cineo’s legacy color space (410, Blade, LB1K), we now support UCS color space, which closely correlates to REC.2020. The color space can be selected, similar to a preset, for matching other lighting sources and/or camera LUTs. More LUTs will be available in future releases.
    1. Includes Arri S60 LUT
  4. +/- Green Control – The ability to tune the fixture away from the black body curve to match other lighting sources.
  5. Local Zone Control – In multi-zone mode, all aspects of all 10 zones can be tailored from the touchscreen, in both HSIK and RGBK modes.
  6. Presets and Effects – The Cineo Preset Library will include standard gels; the Cineo Effects Library includes popular motion-based dynamic lighting elements. Users can add their own, save them on the fixture and transport their effects and presets via USB.
  7. Expanded Control Protocols – In addition to DMX/RDM and CRMX, the unit will support sACN/ARTNet over ethernet, as well as being ethernet and wifi ready for future applications.

Legacy LB800 Firmware (NOT C2OS Compatible)


Upgrade eligibility:  All units with first generation local control interface

Upgrade status:  Recommended

Release Notes:

This is the most stable version of LB800 (Generation 1) firmware.  Instructions included in the download .zip file.  This software release is not for LB800 with the C2OS touchscreen console