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Maverick and Matchbox: The Evolution of Lighting Today (RedShark News March 2016)

Cineo Lighting Maverick and Matchbox: The evolution of lighting today

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Ned Soltz recently had cause to use a Cineo Maverick on a shoot and was rather impressed by what he found. As he says, lighting tech has come a long way…

Lighting technology has come a long way in the past few years. I was an early adopter of LED lighting, discovering all too quickly that I needed to gel every single light with minus-green in an effort to eliminate that horrible green spike. In fact, I recall setting up an original Litepanels 1×1 side by side with a Chinese clone 1×1 and I didn’t need a Vectorscope to see the green from the clone and even to some degree from the original name-brand item.

You might also remember that around 2008 Litepanels sued in US courts a number of LED manufacturers, prevailing in that patent infringement case in 2013. LED manufacturers were then either obligated to pay royalties to Litepanels or cease importation into the US.

But this ruling excluded two specific LED variants—RGB and Remote Phosphor lighting.

And this leads me to the topic at hand—Cineo Lighting and their line of Remote Phosphor fixtures.

Remote Phosphor is based around a high intensity Blue LED within the fixture enclosure with a phosphor-embedded interchangeable front panel. The Blue LED emits phosphor-exciting photons at specific wavelengths to deliver pure color across the complete spectrum. This creates light that is not only high CRI but also faithful to the spectrum.

Cineo Lighting produces Remote Phosphor lighting in a variety of sizes and I recently shot a simple 1-shot interview using a Cineo Maverick as a keylight and a Cineo Matchbox for fill. It was my intent to use another Matchbox as a hair light but I was fortunate enough to have a window with muted sunshine for a partly cloudy day that did the trick while a couple of practicals in the subject’s living room lit the background adequate to the task.

Remote Phosphor lights are not continuously-adjustable color temps as pure LED lighting. Cineo ships their lights with easily-interchanged 3200K and 5600K panels. A 2700K, 4300K or 6300K panel can be purchased separately.

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