+ Ergonomics

HS2 Wave is the latest generation of the revolutionary HS product series currently in use on motion picture sets and in broadcast studios worldwide.

The HS2 Wave has a notably improved ergonomic design for more elegant handling on set and on location. Now featuring an integrated design, the lamphead and power supply are shipped preconfigured for simple one-piece operation. This adds to the simplicity, yet allows for flexibility, providing the ability for the power supply and lamphead to be separated up to 300 feet via optional lamphead cables. The lamphead continues to utilize 80/20 mounting slots for attaching various yoke options and accessories. The simple-to-use top-hinge access on the HS2 Wave makes changing the Remote Phosphor panels easier than ever before, while also allowing direct access to improved safety switches and internal controls. Maintaining product-line conformity, the HS2 Wave components are 100% cross-compatible with all legacy HS fixtures, power supplies, accessories, phosphor panels, and cabling.

Key electronic enhancements of the HS2 Wave include integration of LumenRadio™ receivers for wireless DMX support and RDM programming in addition to traditional 5-pin XLR control. A 5v USB port is now available on the back of the fixture to power third party wireless receivers, as well as to accommodate speedy firmware updates. Other notable features include an enhanced digital display, rotary control local dimming, 3-channel DMX fine dimming, 1 channel DMX smooth dimming, and DMX strobe capabilities. Additionally, two distinct mixing chambers allow for custom CCT mixing via DMX while in 3-channel operation.

Building upon Cineo’s years of experience in Remote Phosphor Technology, HS2 Wave delivers the flexibility, unrivaled brightness, extremely accurate color-quality, considerable power efficiency, and the control that hundreds of cinematographers, gaffers, and lighting designers rely on daily.

HS2 Wave Best Features



From 2700-6500K, the HS2 Wave puts out exceptionally high-quality lighting.


Chroma Key

The HS2 Wave is the ideal lighting source for green and blue screens.



Our passive cooling system requires no fans, alleviating the concern over excess noise.



Local and DMX dimming 0-100% with no color shift 80/20 mounting slots on both sides and back


Highly Accurate Color Rendering:CRI 98 @ 2700K, CRI 98 @ 3200K
CRI 97 @ 4300K, CRI 94 @ 5600K
CRI 93 @ 6500K
Super Bright, Hyper Soft:Over 700 lx @ 3m with a 160° beam spread
Color Temperature:2700K, 3200K, 4300K, 5600K, 6500K
2700K93 fc @ 10 ft. (995 lux @ 3m)
3200K100 fc @ 10 ft. (1070 lux @ 3m)
4300K110 fc @ 10 ft. (1177 lux @ 3m)
5600K112 fc @ 10 ft. (1198 lux @ 3m)
6500K116 fc @ 10 ft. (1241 lux @ 3m)
Input Voltage:100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz.
Power Consumption:500 watts, max.
Lamp head dimensions:12″ H x 21″ W x 3.8″ D (290 mm x 532 mm x 96.5 mm)
Lamp head weight:22 lbs (9.9 kg)
HS2 Wave PSU dimensions:10.5″ H x 19.25″ W x 3.75″ D (267 mm x 489 mm x 95 mm)
HS2 Wave PSU Weight:11 lbs (4.9 kg)
Max temperature rise:45 C
Environmental temperature range:-20 – +50 C
Lamp Life:35,000 hours, L70 rated
Mounting:Yoke included, double yoke, pole op
ETL listed for dry location
FCC compliant
CE compliant
ROHS compliant
Warranty:Two years parts and labor
Zero UV Light Emitted
Made in USA
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Firmware V1.10