Bigger. Brighter. Better.

Following on the success of the Quantum 4×4 LED fixture, we are proud to present the Quantum II, the latest professional lighting tool from Cineo Lighting™. The Quantum II now represents the latest technological advances offered by Cineo, adding the new C2OS touchscreen control console.

In addition to greatly expanded control features, the Quantum II output is nearly twice that of the original Quantum. The new Quantum II features our 4th generation LED technology, improving the overall spectrum beyond the exceptional color quality of its predecessor.

Beyond the extraordinary white spectrum, Quantum II has full RGB capabilities, and can record, playback and offload an infinite number of lighting effects.

A full complement of remote control protocols are supported including wired DMX/RDM, LumenRadio, and networking protocols including sACN and ArtNet.

Rentals available.


Quantum II vs. Arri S360-C

PowerSizeFixture Weight
w/ Power Supply
(fc @ 10' CCT av)
TLCI RatingsIP Rating
Quantum II1500 watts48" x 48"83 lb529>9623
Arri S360-C1500 watts50" x 34"115 lb5009020
Based on manufacturers published data.


Output:Up to 100,000 Lumens
TM-30 (learn more):Rf = 96+, Rg = 99+
Variable white/color blending:2,000K – 10,000K
Supports Full RGB with +/- Green adjust
Local control via HD touchscreen
Remote control connections:DMX/RDM, LumenRadio, sACN/ ARTNet via Ethernet and Wifi
DMX Bridge output converts any control input to DMX out
User-selectable LUTs:UCS, REC.709, ACES, legacy CineoColor
Flicker-free operation:Flicker-free to 10,000 fps
Input Power:110-240VAC, 1,500 watts max. via locking True1 connector
Integrated power supply
Fixture Size:48” x 48” x 6” (1.2m x 1.2m x 14cm)
Weight (incl. yoke, pin):83.5 lbs (37.9 kg.)
Weatherproof:Rated IP23 for outdoor use
Mounting options:Pipe mount, cable hang mount, yoke with junior pin
Removable polycarbonate diffuser
Includes locking rail for 4x4 gel frame
Dynamic active cooling
Environmental temperature range:-20° - +40° C
Max. temperature rise:+45° C


IES TM-30 is a new system of several related measures and graphics that can be used together to effectively evaluate and communicate how a light will affect the color appearance of objects.

The three highest-level components of the system are the Fidelity Index (Rf ), Gamut Index (Rg) and Color Vector graphic, shown here. Several sub-indices are also included for a more detailed perspective on color rendering.

Like CRI, TM-30 (Rf ) is a measure of average color fidelity; however, TM-30 (Rf ) addresses many of the scientific shortcomings of CRI. For example, CRI typically represents color rendering for 8 or 16 samples, while TM-30 (Rf ) represents 99 samples. Also, CRI is systematically biased against sources that increase red chroma, an essential component for photograph- ing accurate skin tone.

TM-30 remedies flaws and limitations of older light quality measurement methods, while providing far more detailed information.


Download Quantum 2 Cut Sheet

Download Quantum 2 User Guide

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