ReFlex R15 Software

Current Available Software


Note: Most units released recently have this version installed. Touch the Version Number displayed on the Home Screen to check current versions installed.

Upgrade eligibility:  All units with C2 Router v. 1.10.1 or greater.

Upgrade status:  Recommended

Release Notes:


  1. The Effects Demo library has been added, including (18) effects examples.
  2. The DMX Bridge interface port can now be used to connect a master R15 to multiple slave units.

Bug Fixes:

  1. An occasional flash was detected by a few users. This was a timing bug and was fixed.
  2. Occasional thermal warnings, flashing and system shutdowns were experienced by several users. These have been successfully addressed and fixed.
  3. All Thermal Warning/Error messages have been formatted to fit their full text content on the screen.
  4. Logging is temporarily disabled. Log files can quickly fill up the available storage space. Until the software is updated to prevent overfilling, logging will be disabled.