Standard 410 Firmware Release – Version 2.0

Cineo Lighting is proud to announce a substantial software upgrade for the Standard 410 full-gamut softlight: Version 2.0. With this release, the Cineo Standard now includes the features most requested by the gaffers and DP’s that rely on the 410 as a key part of their production lighting systems.

Significant features include:

1. Improved low-level color blending

Additional resolution has been developed specifically for color-blending when the output level is below 5%. This provides consistent saturated color values at very low light levels.



2. HSI and RGB Personalities

In addition to the Standard 410’s HSI+K color space, users can optionally choose to work in RGB+K color mode when controlling with DMX. This new personality is ideal for board operators familiar with theatrical-style color control.



3.  8-bit and 16-bit selectable DMX data

For applications that require precision control, the Standard 410 can now be controlled in either 8-bit or 16-bit DMX data protocol. This is particularly useful when subtle, dynamic lighting effects are required.



4.  Preset Save / Recall

The Standard 410 can now store up to 6 custom fixture settings under local control, and recall them for later use. Any specialized lighting setup can be instantly retrieved, making setup easier and faster.


Firmware is available for download at in the Cineo Downloads section of the website.

4 thoughts on “Standard 410 Firmware Release – Version 2.0

  1. Eugene Sprik says:

    Hi, I’ve updated to 2.0 and I like the possibility to store some presets, but I’m missing some features that I had in 1.03:
    Can I get the wonderful display back when I am controlling through DMX? Now it’s black with DMX info, but I would like to have the display that shows in local mode.
    And where is the smooth dimming mode that I could select through RDM? Maybe this option can be integrated in the display as well, so you can choose smooth or fast dimming.

    1. ashley hutchings says:

      Hi Eugene – thank you for the note. Great questions, I am going to pass over those questions to our support staff and CC you on the email. Please stand by for feedback and again, thank you for using Cineo products.

  2. matt johnson says:

    The light really needs a Hue angle display instead of DMX value and / or the ability to set RGB values individually, locally. We’ve also had a lot of problems with them not dimming out fully to zero, but more importantly the biggest problem is with them not holding their RGB color when dimming the light (shifts when dimmed).

  3. matt johnson says:

    Also a bonafide Plus and Minus Green mode or at least a way to know what Green and Magenta levels correspond to in CC values for plus green and minus green.

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