Virtual Production

Recently, Cineo Lighting took a deep dive into the realm of virtual production, to develop the features in our lighting products in support of this technology. The result is a series of virtual production lighting assets that are available on the Unreal Engine platform. These assets are complete with avatars, representing many of our fixtures that include complete blueprints for control and the IES information for each instrument.

Check out the video to see our lights in action in Unreal Engine.

Download UE
Project Files

We are offering a UE project, version 4.26, free of charge so the Cineo lighting fixtures can be used in previz or actual virtual production.

These also include a DMX interface for the fixtures, so actual lighting can be correlated to the virtual lighting in the project.

Warning: ZIP file is 644MB – please be patient.

Zoic + Cineo
Cineo Lighting and Zoic Studios have partnered to further advance technologies for virtual production. Watch the Zoic Studios reel utilizing Cineo light fixtures for Virtual Production.  For more about Zoic, please visit their website


Questions regarding the UE engine files or supporting virtual production development with Cineo Lighting fixtures.
Please email us directly with questions:
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